I'm totally lazy when it comes to laundry, hate doing it, and WashEZE is perfect for me. I just dump a sheet with the dirty clothes and then move over to the dryer when ready; no extra dryer sheet needed! Perfect. If society stopped judging people for wearing dirty clothes I'd be happier, but until then buying WashEZE is significantly cheaper than affecting that level of change.

- Joshua, Washington DC

The first time I ever saw WashEZE was while going through Army Basic Training. I will be deploying to Iraq in a few weeks, and one of the very first things on my personal packing list was WashEZE. Life is too short to lug around jugs of laundry detergent!

- SGT Steve Dobbs
   I will always place the mission first.
   I will never accept defeat.
   I will never quit.
   I will never leave a fallen comrade.

I am a college student and find that WashEZE is the best thing for doing laundry.

- Lori

I became acquainted with your WashEZE laundry sheets several months ago. I like the entire concept. My laundry comes out of the dryer’s clean, soft and smelling fresh and no static. I am retired and live in a senior complex ­ having to take my laundry to another building. You have made it so much easier for me, not having to lug detergent ­ fabric softener and static control. Also, the spent sheets have so many additional uses. (Dust cloths, small spills etc.)

- Leonard

I love the washeze laundry sheets. They are great for traveling and on the go moms. I would love to be a rep for the product.

- Dee

I am an RVer and this is the best product for RVer’s. It takes up very little space, no spills, no mess and not heavy to carry. I can cut a sheet in half for a small load and make pet toys from the remains of the product. I do not travel without it.

- Diane in Florida

As a senior citizen, your product was a lifesaver. No more large boxes of bleach, softener and soap. The younger generation does not understand that we cannot carry all of that stuff, especially the senior woman. They are great.

- Mrs. Lewis from MD

I had gotten your WashEZE laundry sheets for my daughter when she went on a vacation and to camp. They are wonderful. It’s all you have to take. She also uses them at school.

- Pam in PA

I have used your product for several years and it is especially nice for traveling.

- Phyllis in NC

My mother has MS and this product has been a life saver for her. Actually the whole family. She is still able to do her own laundry and that means a lot to her. It is a great product and gets the clothes very clean and fresh.

- Sandy from PA

We have a 5th wheel and a combo washer and dryer. The WashEZE is perfect for us. We do not use anything else.

- Marilyn in MN

My interest in WashEZE is two-fold. One: They are very handy, when one is traveling. Two: they are very handy when you are at an RV Park and must go to a laundry area. You do not have to carry a jug of detergent, a box of dryer sheets or even worse a bottle of softener! (and remember to go back and add the softener!)

- Patricia in FL

A friend gave me a package of your WashEZE to use in my washer and I think it is the greatest stuff since sliced bread. I keep several months supply on hand at all times.

- Elsie from CA

My mom is legally blind and has found this product very helpful for her. It enables her to do the laundry without mess and spill. It makes her feel more normal.

- Olivia

I love WashEZE I use it myself for all my laundry. I also give it as gifts to my friends. It is a perfect gift, everyone loves something different that really works and makes everyday life chores easier.

- Julene from WA

I am very pleased with your product. I am on social security, along with about 20 million other seniors. We need these kinds of products to make our life easier.

- Pryor in NY

I continue to be satisfied with your product and have told so many people about it, in our apt complex. We all have the closet, upper lower type of washer and dryers and this product is ideal. WashEZE is the answer.

- Toledo