If you were part of our Special Mailing Promotion of a Free Sample of WashEZE?

Yes! you can redeem your coupon code. On the Home page scroll down to "Special Mailing Promotion" Order the product you want and at checkout enter the promo code you were given.  The amount will be deducted at checkout.  Congrats!!

Will WashEZE work in High Efficiency or industrial washers?  

Yes! WashEZE works in all types of washers and dryers, including HE washers, front loaders, and industrial machines.  Be they your regular home washer or dryer, a combination washer/dryer unit, or industrial appliances like you'd find in a washateria or communal laundry room, WashEZE's good to go.

Does WashEZE work with all washer temperature settings?

Yes, WashEZE works on all types of settings within your washer and dryer just as regular detergent or a normal dryer sheet would.

Does one WashEZE sheet equal a load's worth of powder or liquid laundry detergent?

Each WashEZE 3-in-1 Laundry Sheet is formulated to provide enough detergent, fabric softener, and static guard for one standard load of laundry.

Is it true you can use WashEZE when you're traveling and don't have a washing machine?

It's true! Just throw your clothes into a bathtub or sink with some water, toss in WashEZE and give it all a swish. Rinse, hang up your clothes to dry and you're ready to roll. 

Is WashEZE like Earthbreeze? 

No, not at all.  WashEZE is a laundry sheet, stain fighter and softener.  There are no other laundry sheets that do it all.


What is WashEZE?

WashEZE looks like a dryer sheet but is actually detergent, a dryer sheet, and fabric softener in one.

1 sheet = 1 load of laundry.  

WashEZE has been used by the military for nearly 10 years.

WashEZE works in all types of washers and dryers - high efficiencies, front-loaders, industrial's, and anything in between!

Pretty neat, right?  We thought so too.


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